Emotional Intelligence 

About the Program Almost every facet of human activity can be improved with the science of emotional intelligence. This program explores how to use emotional intelligence as a tool to enhance your work productivity, build healthier relationships and understand the significance[...]

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Leadership Development 

About the Program Today’s globally connected world requires advanced leadership skills and an unconventional approach to business that extends far beyond core functional competencies. This program is designed to help new and aspiring leaders unleash the potential in themselves and[...]

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Employability Skills 

About the Program In the competitive landscape of job hunting, mastering employability skills isn't just a recommendation; it's your secret weapon for success. This program simplifies job applications, making them less frustrating. Learn CV and Cover Letter writing, manage your[...]

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Time Management

Learning to manage your time more effectively will help you to become more productive and get more done. This time management training program is for anyone who would like to get more done in their day, become more productive and[...]

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Beat the heat

About the Course Workplaces exposed to extreme heat pose unique challenges that demand specialized knowledge and proactive measures. Heat-related illnesses, decreased productivity, and compromised safety can hinder the success of even the most dedicated teams. In this course, you'll gain[...]

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Cybersecurity Awareness 

About the Program An overwhelming majority of cyber-attacks on businesses happen through employees who have little to no awareness when it comes to cyber risks. By implementing a Cybersecurity Awareness Training program for employees, businesses can reduce their risks significantly,[...]

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General Code of Conduct

General Code of Conduct

About the Course A robust Code of Conduct serves as a guiding light towards a safe, ethical, and respectful environment. This course is designed to equip your team with essential principles and guidelines to enhance workplace integrity, promote respectful interactions,[...]

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Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety 

About the Course Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Even a simple slip or trip can lead to serious injuries and costly consequences. Workplace accidents not only result in medical expenses and insurance costs but also lead to lost productivity[...]

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