Need a branded Digital Learning Platform to play your programs?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

You need Levitate 360

With Levitate 360, we will deploy a custom-branded platform loaded with the complete comprehensive Levitate library. 

Instant Access, Infinite Possibilities.

Discover a personalized learning experience with this all-in-one corporate training solution.

Integrated Learning Hub

Jumpstart training with our pre-loaded Levitate courseware library.
Enjoy a seamless learning experience with our user-friendly platform.
Effortlessly connect with your existing corporate SSO platform (MS O365, Google Gsuite, etc.).

Personalized Learning

Empower your learners by adding your own custom-designed courses on the platform.
Leverage your existing libraries by enabling integrations where possible.
Add your own customized learning activities such as quizzes, discussions, and more to personalize your learning journey.

Tailored to Your Brand

Fully customized digital learning platform that aligns with your corporate identity.
Make it uniquely yours with a custom domain like your,, and so on.

Dashboard Insights

Gain insights for data-driven decisions.
Stay in the know with clear subscription details.
Get real-time insights into seat usage, course completions, and more.
Take charge with user-friendly management tools and progress tracking.

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journey with Levitate?

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