Trade Finance 

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Program Duration: 6 Hrs

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About the Program

Buying or selling goods through unknown or untested international partners presents risks for both parties. Trade finance helps to reduce risks by providing communication and documentation to solidify vendor relationships. This program aims to foster learning by cultivating cross-functional skills and covering the strategic as well as operational aspects of Trade Finance. 

Course List

Introduction to Trade Finance

Learn the fundamentals of trade finance, including payment methods, risk management, and the role of banks. It explores different types of trade transactions, compliance requirements, and equips learners with a better understanding of trade finance principles.

Open Account

Understand the benefits, risks, legal considerations, and financing options associated with Open Account transactions in trade finance.

Cash In Advance

Get a comprehensive overview of the payment method in trade finance known as Cash in Advance. Learn about the benefits, risks, and best practices associated with Cash in Advance transactions.

Documents Against Acceptance

Gain knowledge about the legal and financial aspects of D/A transactions, including the documentation requirements, financing options, and risk management in trade finance.

Documents Against Payment

Get an overview of the benefits, risks, and best practices associated with D/P transactions, as well as the documentation requirements and financing options available. Additionally, it explores the role of banks and other financial institutions in D/P transactions, as well as the legal and regulatory considerations involved.

Letter of Credit

Learn about the types of Letters of Credit, documentation requirements, financing options, and risk management, this course provides knowledge about the legal and financial considerations involved in Letter of Credit transactions in trade finance.


Explore the various characteristics of consignment along with it’s pros and cons, identify the risks involved and the applicability of an international consignment transaction.

Export Working Capital

Understand the types of export working capitals, advantages and disadvantages as well as the applicability of export working capital in trade finance.

Export Credit Insurance

Learn how the protection given by export credit insurance against commercial and political losses works in trade finance, the benefits and risks associated with export credit insurance and it’s applicability.

Export Factoring

Understand the benefits and risks of export factoring, steps involved and recognize it’s role in reducing the risk of non-payment and improving cash flow.


The course covers the legal and financial considerations involved in forfaiting transactions, including the types of transactions, benefits and identifying risks.

Introduction to Export Facilities

Learn about the various techniques and practices in trade finance and their importance in effectively managing financial transactions while mitigating risks in global commerce.

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