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Thermodynamics, the study of energy and its transformations, underpins much of our understanding of the natural world. From the water cycle to the conversion of energy forms, it’s crucial in daily life and industrial processes. Our program delves into the fundamentals, from heat transfer to the laws of thermodynamics, equipping learners with essential knowledge to comprehend and apply these principles effectively.

Course List

Introduction to Thermodynamics

Learn the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, its diverse applications in transportation and cooking and recognize its pivotal role in various aspects of life, from natural phenomena to human-made systems.


Explore the diverse forms of energy, including thermal, potential, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and radiation, to deepen your understanding of their roles and applications in our world.

Water Cycle

Discover the stages of the water cycle and gain a comprehensive understanding of this essential natural process through exploration and learning.

Units of Measurement

Deepen your knowledge of units of measurement, including the MKS and SI systems, as well as common units of heat energy such as the British Thermal Unit (BTU), Calorie, and Joule, through exploration and study.

Heat Energy

Explore the fundamentals of heat energy, including the behavior of molecules, temperature, pressure, and modes of heat transfer such as conduction, convection, and radiation, to deepen your understanding of thermodynamics.

Conversion of Energy

Discover the diverse ways energy is converted in various systems, from automobiles to electrical and solar energy applications, through exploration and real-world examples.

Work Done

Gain an understanding of the concept of work done within thermodynamic systems, exploring its application in kinetic energy, human physiology, chemical energy, and practical examples.

Energy Efficiency

Explore the concept of energy loss and gain insight into improving energy efficiency, focusing on electric light bulbs including filament, compact fluorescent, and LED lamps, through calculations and practical examples.

States of Matter

Explore the various states of matter and deepen your understanding of their properties, transitions, and applications through immersive learning experiences.

Gas Laws

Gain a comprehensive understanding of gas laws, including Boyle’s Law and Charles’ Law, through exploration of principles and real-world examples, deepening your knowledge of their applications in physics and engineering.

Introduction to Steam

Explore the diverse forms of energy with a focus on steam, understanding its advantages and wide-ranging applications in various industries through comprehensive learning and real-world examples.

Properties of Steam

Deepen your understanding of steam properties, including sensible and latent heat, boiling and condensation points, and the behavior of saturated and superheated vapor, through exploration of their applications and thermodynamic principles.

Laws of Thermodynamics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the laws of thermodynamics, exploring their fundamental principles to deepen your knowledge and uncover their wide-ranging applications in physics, engineering, and beyond.

Heat Transfer and Cooling Principles

Learn the principles governing heat transfer and cooling in gases, solids, and liquids, exploring key concepts across multiple pages to gain comprehensive insight into their applications and mechanisms.

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