Steam Turbines

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Steam turbines are vital in energy production, converting steam’s kinetic energy into mechanical power. They’re utilized in various industries, from power generation to petrochemicals. Understanding their operation, types, and safety measures is crucial. This program covers all aspects, from setup to troubleshooting, ensuring safe and efficient turbine operation.

Course List

Introduction to Steam Turbines

Explore steam turbines and their purpose in power generation, understanding their working mechanism and comparing their drivers, in this comprehensive introductory course.

Steam Turbines – Working Principle

Delve into the working principle of steam turbines, including their internal structure, nozzle phenomenon, and various types of nozzles.

Classification of Steam Turbines

Explore the various types of steam turbines, including their classification and working mechanisms.

General Phenomenon Related to Steam Turbines

Delve into the general phenomena related to steam turbines, including basic modules, natural phenomena, noise and vibration, resonance effects, critical speed, thrust, catastrophic failure, and their causes and effects.

Key Components – Part I

Explore the key components necessary for setting up a steam turbine, in this comprehensive introductory course.

Key Components – Part II

Explore the key components necessary for setting up a steam turbine, in this comprehensive introductory course.

General Set Up Steps

Delve into the guidelines and rules for setting up a steam turbine, including general startup key steps and the follow-up process.


Explore common problems encountered in steam turbines and their troubleshooting methods, covering issues such as vibration, overheating, and other efficiency losses, in this comprehensive introductory course.

Safety of Steam Turbines

Learn about the various alarms, interlocks, and safety devices essential for turbine operation, and identify all turbines on Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID).

Applications of Steam Turbines

Discover the general and petrochemical industry-specific applications of steam turbines, including their use in utility units and ethylene units.

Steam Turbine Deposition, Erosion, and Corrosion

Explore terms such as pitting, hammering, fouling, surge, and start-up curve, and understand the methodologies of offline and online washing.

Safety Considerations

Discover key safety hazards and precautions associated with working around steam turbines, including considerations for high temperature, high pressure, noise, oil leaks, and overspeed trip tests.

Operation of Steam Turbines

Delve into turbine warming up, pre-start checks, isolation, and operating procedures, as well as turbine speed controls, and describe the lineup, startup, and shutdown procedures for turbines.


Explore turbine grounding, including its importance, necessity, and considerations such as grounding of brushes, arrangements for shaft brushes, and the use of carbon brushes and Cutsforth Shaft Grounding System.

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