Rotating Equipment Accessories

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Program Duration: 5 Hrs

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About the Program

Rotating equipment accessories are essential for machinery functionality. Bearings reduce friction and support shafts. Learn about their types and symptoms of failure. Seals prevent leakage, including double mechanical seals and gas seals. Understand cooling systems, lubrication, and transmission devices like couplings, belts, chains, and gears. Discover their purpose, types, and applications.

Course List

Fundamentals of Rotating Equipment Accessories

Understand the purpose and working principle of bearings, crucial components in machinery, enabling smooth rotation and reducing friction for optimal performance.

Types of Bearings

Explore different types of bearings, each offering unique characteristics and applications in mechanical systems.

Bearings' Failure

Gain an understanding of bearings and their failure by exploring symptoms, effects, mitigation methods, damages, precautions, and the impact on shafts in this comprehensive course introduction.

Introduction to Seals

Delve into the world of seals with an introduction to their purpose, types, and working principles, including mechanical seals, in this comprehensive course.

Seals – Classification

Deepen your understanding of seals by exploring classification methods, understanding double mechanical seals, seal pots, and gas seals, and discovering symptoms and consequences of seal failure in this course.

Introduction to Cooling Systems

Explore the fundamentals of cooling systems in this introductory course, uncovering their purpose and working principles to gain a deeper understanding of their importance in various applications.

Types of Cooling Systems

Explore cooling systems, including air-based and liquid-based types, delve into natural and forced convection principles, and distinguish between indirect and direct cooling methods in this comprehensive course.

Cooling Systems – Applications

Explore cooling systems and their common applications like seal, case, bearing, and lube oil cooling, while understanding symptoms and effects of failure in this concise course.

Lubrication – Introduction

Gain insights into lubrication, understanding its purpose, working principle, benefits and its role in facilitating smooth motion, while exploring the types of friction.

Lubrication – Types

Deepen your understanding of lubrication by exploring its types to gain insights into their advantages and disadvantages, and discover their applications, in this comprehensive introductory course.

Lubrication – Applications

Delve into lubrication basics, including oil applications, typical lube oil circuit overview, symptoms of failure, and the breakdown of the effects of lubrication in this concise introductory course.

Transmission Devices – Introduction

Explore the purpose and various types of transmission devices to gain a comprehensive understanding in this introductory course.

Transmission Devices – Coupling

Understand the purpose of couplings, explore their working principles, and delve into various types of couplings in this comprehensive introductory course.

Transmission Devices – Belt System

Explore the belt system and understand its components, including various types of belts utilized in different applications, in this comprehensive introductory course.

Transmission Devices – Chain System

Gain insight into the chain system, exploring its components such as chains and chain drives, while assessing their advantages and disadvantages.

Transmission Devices – Gear System

Delve into the world of gears with an introduction to gear systems and gearboxes, exploring their benefits and working principles, and understanding various types.

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