Retail Management

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Program Duration: 7.5 Hrs

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Languages: English

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About the Program

Retail Management is the backbone of any successful retail business. It’s the art of combining effective leadership, customer service, and marketing strategies to maximize sales and profits. This program is designed to recognize and explore a broader perspective on the current trends and ways of retailing.  

Course List

Retail: Basics of stock management

Explore how to optimize inventory levels, reduce stock discrepancies, and improve overall efficiency. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage your retail inventory.

Retail: Basics of Retail Consumer Behavior

Learn how to identify the buying patterns of different types of consumers based on their purchase behavior. This course explores the different phases in a customer buying process as well as the core factors that influence a consumer’s purchase behavior.

Retail: Basics of Retail Marketing

Learn the basics of promoting your products, attracting customers, and increasing sales. In this course, you will explore the AIDA marketing model as well as the 4 Ps of a marketing mix that can effectively improve customer engagement.

Retail: The Psychology of Retail Environment

Discover the impact of the retail environment on consumer behavior. In this course, you will explore how to design effective retail spaces that attract customers and drive sales.

Retail: Choosing the Right Store Location

Discover the essentials of choosing the right store location and learn the importance of key factors such as demographic data, traffic patterns, and competition to make smart and informed decisions for your retail business.

Retail: Merchandising and Display

Learn how to create effective product displays that drive sales. This course discusses the importance of props, fixtures and signages in the effectiveness of a display to help you elevate your retail strategy for success.

Retail: Health and Safety

Discover best practices for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, and learn how to protect your employees, customers, and business from potential risks.

Retail: Brand Management

Learn how to create a memorable brand image, manage brand reputation with ease, and effectively communicate your brand message. Get started on your retail success with a powerful brand foundation.

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