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Master the intricacies of process equipment spanning reactors, distillation columns, material handling systems, heat exchange processes, and more. Explore safety considerations, wastewater management, and the critical components of flare systems. Understand the impact of weather on flame behavior and delve into the importance of filters and strainers, alongside safety measures for efficient operation.

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Introduction to Process Equipment

Discover the significance of process equipment in the process industry and gain insight into their various types.

Storage Vessels – Introduction

Explore the critical role of storage vessels in industrial processes and gain a comprehensive understanding of their purpose.

Storage Vessels – Types

Explore the spectrum of storage tank varieties, from fixed roof cylindrical tanks to floating roof tanks and beyond. Gain comprehensive insights into their distinct functionalities and applications.

Storage Vessels – Safety Considerations of a Tank

Delve into the critical aspects of tank safety. Learn about tank blanketing, dyke walls, static charges, and deluge sprinkler systems to ensure comprehensive safety measures are in place.

Storage Vessels – Columns and Reactors – An Overview

Explore essential components of chemical processes including distillation columns, reactors, and their variants. Differentiate between distillation and stripping columns, as well as understand the functionality of scrubbers and absorbers. Gain insights into reactor types like fixed bed, tubular, and fluidized bed reactors, along with catalyst forms and continuous regeneration techniques.


Discover the functionalities of packing and reactor internals crucial for optimizing column performance. Explore the impact of internals on efficiency in industrial operations.


Explore the functionalities of essential drums like flash, knock-out, reflux, decanter, and surge drums. Gain insights into their roles in various industrial processes, essential for optimizing operations and ensuring efficiency.


Understand the principles behind conveyors, including roller conveyors, and their applications in handling semi-solids. Also, learn about the significance of hoppers in optimizing material flow for enhanced industrial efficiency.

Waste Disposal System

Discover the essentials of sewage and wastewater management in this course. Explore the functions of storm water sewers, oily water sewers, and closed drain systems.

Heat Exchangers – An Overview

Learn the principles and functioning of heat exchangers and explore their diverse applications. Understand the mechanisms behind condensers, reboilers, and cooling towers, crucial components in industrial cooling processes.

Heat Exchangers – Troubleshooting

Explore common problems encountered in heat exchangers and the parameters influencing their performance. Gain essential troubleshooting skills to address issues effectively, ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency in industrial processes.

Fire Equipment

Learn about the components of boiler systems such as boiler steam drum, furnace, and chimney/stack. Explore their functions and significance in detail.

Flare Systems – An Overview

Learn about flare systems and components such as flare headers, knockout drums, and flare tips, crucial for safe waste gas disposal. Understand the operation and factors affecting flame stability, along with different types of flares and stacks. Gain insights into monitoring instrumentation and operational procedures essential for efficient flare system management.

Zero Flaring

Understand the concept of zero flaring and its advantages. Explore the major components and methods involved in achieving zero flaring, including flare gas recovery systems.

Flare Systems – Hazards

Explore the impact of weather conditions on flame behavior and the hazards associated with flare systems. Learn about preventative measures to mitigate flare system explosions and understand the distinctions between operational and emergency flaring.

Filters and Strainers

Explore the importance of filters and stainers and their functions in maintaining equipment integrity and process efficiency. Learn about the various types of strainers and filters, common reasons for their underperformance, and essential safety measures associated with their operation.

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