Piping and Associated Systems

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Program Duration: 4 Hrs

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About the Program

Piping systems are intricate networks crucial for fluid transportation in various industries. Our program delves into their components and material constructions, highlighting advantages. Explore parameters for pipe selection and the significance of flanges, including types and applications. Learn about gaskets, drains, vents, and expansion bellows, essential for efficient operation. Understand trace heating, insulation, safety requirements for pipe racks, and utility service points. Discover hoses, their types, construction, couplings, and grounding.

Course List

Introduction to Piping and Associated Systems

Learn the fundamentals of piping and associated systems, recognize their components, and categorize piping systems by construction materials and benefits.

Pipe Selection

Discover the key factors influencing pipe selection, covering material considerations, sizing dynamics, expansion principles, frictional effects, turbulence, energy loss, velocity requirements, internal diameter specifications, and thickness calculations.


Learn about flanges, their significance in piping, explore various types, and understand their diverse applications in the piping industry.


Understand the fundamentals of gaskets, their construction, types (sheet, ring, spiral wound), selection criteria, and leak prevention strategies in this comprehensive course.


Explore the importance of drains in process plants, covering various types found in piping systems and their essential roles in maintaining system integrity and efficiency.


Understand the significance of vents in piping systems, and explore the various types employed for efficient system operation and safety.


Learn about various piping flange components, including blinds, slip blinds, spacers, spectacle blinds, solid blinds, and orifice plates, in this introductory course.

Expansion Bellows

Explore the significance of expansion bellows in process plants, understand their importance, and learn about the different types available for various applications.

Trace Heating

Discover the importance and applications of trace heating as it encompasses various types, providing crucial temperature maintenance solutions in diverse industries.


Gain insight into piping insulation, its materials, and purposes including condensation control, freezing protection, noise reduction, and cladding in this introductory course.

Pipe Racks

Learn about safety and inspection requirements for pipe racks, including construction, grounding, and inspection protocols for ensuring safe operation in this comprehensive course.


Explore hoses, their types, construction, couplings, and grounding methods, covering essential aspects for understanding their functionality and application in various industries.

Utility Service Points

Explore utility service points, their services, cross-contamination risks, color coding protocols, hazards, and proper storage practices in this comprehensive introductory course.

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