Petrochemical Fundamentals

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Program Duration: 3.5 Hrs

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About the Program

Petrochemicals play a pivotal role in modern life, serving as the building blocks for countless products and industries. Our program explores their significance and the intricate processes involved in their production. From fossil fuels to renewable resources, we delve into feedstock sources and the diverse array of petrochemical derivatives. Discover the value chain, processes, and applications of key petrochemicals like polyethylene, polypropylene, and ethylene glycol.

Course List

Introduction to Petrochemical Industry

Delve into the world of petrochemicals, exploring their manufacturing processes and classification, gaining a deeper understanding of hydrocarbons and their diverse applications in various industries.

Petrochemical Feedstock

Explore the fundamentals of feedstock selection, understand the advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels and renewable resources, and gain insight into the role of carbon dioxide and coal in the energy landscape to deepen your understanding of sustainable energy choices.

Value Chain in Petrochemical Industry

Learn about the petrochemical industry’s value chain, exploring how it adds value to natural resources such as crude oil and natural gas, while gaining insight into the specific value chains for ethylene production.

Petrochemicals as Building Block

Explore the fundamentals of primary petrochemicals, uncovering the intricacies of olefins and aromatics, their polymerization processes, and derivatives, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their pivotal role in industry and chemical production.

Processes Used in Petrochemical Industries

Discover the various processes employed within the petrochemical industry, gaining insight into their diverse applications and significance across industrial sectors.

Value Addition in Petrochemicals

Delve into the multitude of product derivatives stemming from each building block of petrochemicals, gain an overview of their diverse applications and contributions across various industries.


Polyethylene and its Applications

Learn about polyethylene, its properties, and production methods, while exploring its wide-ranging applications across industries to gain insight into its versatility and significance in modern manufacturing.

Polypropylene and its Applications

Discover the conversion process from propylene to polypropylene, investigate the diverse applications and grades of polypropylene and gain a comprehensive understanding of its significance in the petrochemical industry.

Ethylene Glycol and its Applications

Understand the fundamental properties and production processes of ethylene glycol and identify its diverse applications and versatility across various industries.

Styrene Monomer and its Applications

Learn the fundamentals of styrene and its derivative, polystyrene, and understand the various applications of polystyrene in packaging, consumer electronics, construction, medical, and other sectors to appreciate its versatility and importance in different industries.

Paraxylene and its Applications

Learn about the essential concepts of paraxylene, delve into its manufacturing process, and explore its wide-ranging applications, gaining a thorough understanding of its importance in the petrochemical industry.

Potential Hazards Related to Petrochemical Industry

Explore the potential hazards associated with the petrochemical industry, including the conditions under which these hazards occur and understanding the various types of hazards to ensure safety and risk management in industrial settings.

Global Market and GCC Share

Learn about the complexities of the global petrochemical market, including the significant share held by the GCC, and recent advancements in the region. Understand Kuwait’s pivotal role in the petrochemical industry to gain valuable insights into this dynamic sector.

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