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About the Program

Workplace accidents are not uncommon, especially if you work in environments that involve safety hazards such as oil and gas, construction and manufacturing industries. This program is designed to help minimize or eliminate risks associated with exposure to hazardous materials, work-related injuries, and environmental accidents.

Course List

Controlling Excavation-Related Hazards

Explore the hazards related to excavations and, the protective systems and safe work practices related to excavations.

Controlling Driving-Related Hazards

Learn about the hazards related to driving and explore the systems and measures that can help mitigate these hazards.

Permit-to-Work System

Understand the basics of the Permit-to-Work system. A permit-to-work system is a formal written procedure designed to give control over work activities that involve inherently higher risks. Explore the different types of Work Permits and the important roles within the Permit-to-Work System.

Working at Heights

Gain the knowledge necessary to safely carry out work at heights and explore safety measures such as inspecting ladders and scaffolding, using fall protection equipment, and being aware of ground openings.

Working in Confined Spaces

Learn about the hazards of working in a confined space and the necessary safety precautions to be taken while working in confined spaces.

Controlling Machine Hazards

Learn about the hazards associated with various types of machinery. Explore the controls and precautions that should be implemented to continue working around machines in a safe manner.

Controlling Hazardous Energy

Discover the risks associated with hazardous energy. Learn about the Lockout/Tagout procedure and best practices to carry out work around hazardous energy.

Storing and Handling Material

Explore best practices for storing and handling materials and learn about important safety precautions to be followed to minimize risk.

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