Diesel Engines

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Diesel engines power various industries and vehicles, relying on a complex interplay of systems. From fuel delivery to exhaust management, understanding their intricacies is essential. Our program covers diesel engine principles, components, and operations comprehensively, including troubleshooting common issues and emphasizing safety protocols.

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Introduction to Diesel Engines

Explore key terms related to diesel engines, covering fundamental concepts such as the basic diesel engine, 4-stroke operations, distinctions from petrol/gasoline engines, and their respective working principles.

Purpose of Diesel Engines

Explore diesel engines, including their purpose, basic operation, comparison with petrol engines, and working principles, including the p-V diagram for the Ideal Diesel cycle.

Prime Mover Comparisons

Learn about various types of prime movers, and understand their distinct characteristics, applications, and operational principles, in this comprehensive introductory course.

Diesel Engine Fundamentals

Discover diesel engine principles, covering two and four-stroke cycles, fuel injector operation, diesel mist distribution, and engine control and monitoring (ECM), in this concise introductory course.

Diesel Engine Fundamentals – Fuel System

Explore the fuel system in diesel engines, including key components such as fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel filters, and fuel tanks.

Air System

Explore the air system in diesel engines, covering principles, and components such as silencers, turbochargers, coolers, exhaust gas recirculation, and mass air flow (MAF) sensors.

Diesel Engine Fundamentals – Exhaust System

Delve into the workings of the diesel engine exhaust system, covering components like the exhaust manifold, diesel oxidation catalyst, particulate filter, and underlying principles, in this introductory course.

Diesel Engine Fundamentals – Cooling System

Discover the working principle of the cooling system in diesel engines, including the radiator cooling system and components like the thermostatic valve, heat exchanger, and EGR cooler.

Diesel Engine Fundamentals – Lubrication System

Explore the lubrication system in diesel engines, covering principles such as oil pumps, filters, and circulation, as well as specifications for piston and cylinder lubrication.

Diesel Engine Fundamentals – Start-up System

Discover the diesel engine start-up system, covering principles, starter motors, compressed air start-up systems, glow plugs, resistive heaters, and engine block heaters.

Diesel Engine Fundamentals – Speed Control System

Explore the speed control system in diesel engines, including principles such as governors, mechanical and electronic governors, and prevention of engine runaway, in this introductory course.

Advantages of Diesel Engines

Discover the advantages of diesel engines, including their benefits in domestic, transport, and industrial applications.

Types of Diesel Engines

Explore various types of diesel engines, including inline, flat cylinder, and V cylinder designs, and their applications in industries.

Key Components of Diesel Engines – Part I

Learn about the key components of diesel engines, including the crankshaft, piston rod, piston, piston ring, and common failures such as piston ring wear.

Key Components of Diesel Engines – Part II

Discover the key components of diesel engines, including cylinders, cylinder heads, camshafts, fuel pumps, and timing mechanisms, as well as the workings of camshafts in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

Applications of Diesel Engines

Explore the diverse applications of diesel engines, including power generation, firefighting, air-powered equipment, water jetting, welding works, and construction equipment.

Pre-Startup Checks for Diesel Engines

Learn about various pre-startup checks, including elements and components involved, and general pre-startup checks.

Routine Checks During Operation

Discover essential routine checks during operation, and the use of the operator’s instruction manual, in this introductory course.


Learn troubleshooting techniques for common diesel engine issues, covering diagnosis and resolution methods, in this comprehensive introductory course.

Safety Considerations

Explore essential safety considerations when working with diesel engines, including noise levels, hot surfaces, contact with oil and diesel, slips, trips, falls, fires, diesel injection precautions, exhaust fumes, and other safety measures.

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