Defensive Riding

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Program Duration: 3.55 Hrs

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Languages: English

About the Program

Improve your riding skills and safety awareness with our comprehensive Defensive Riding eLearning program. Designed for motorcyclists of all levels, this program covers essential strategies for anticipating hazards, making quick decisions, and navigating traffic safely. Learn defensive techniques, understand road dynamics, and boost your ability to predict and avoid potential dangers. Join us to ride safer and with greater peace of mind.

Course List

Defensive Riding: Introduction to Defensive Riding

In this introductory session, you will learn what defensive riding means and also understand the benefits it brings to your safety on the road.

Defensive Riding: Before the Journey

In this lesson, you will learn the fundamentals of motorcycle inspection and key safety checks. Get ready to ride with confidence and ensure a secure journey on the road.

Defensive Riding: Defensive Riding Techniques

In this lesson, you will delve into the significance of defensive riding techniques. You will explore key strategies to enhance your safety. By the end, you will be adept at anticipating and responding to potential hazards, elevating your safety and becoming a more informed and skilled rider.

Defensive Riding: Distracted Riding

In this lesson, you will explore distracted riding. You will define it, identify types and sources of distractions, and understand the associated risks. You will also learn strategies to minimize distractions, enhancing your focus and safety on the road. By the end, you will be a more attentive and responsible rider.

Defensive Riding: Dealing with Aggressive Drivers

In this lesson, you will learn about aggressive driving and how to identify different types of aggressive drivers on the road. You will also discover defensive driving techniques to effectively manage these situations, enhancing your safety and confidence as a driver.

Defensive Riding: Pillion Riding and Load Management

In this lesson, you will learn how to safely ride with a passenger and manage the load on your motorcycle. You will gain practical tips to ensure a balanced and secure ride, enhancing safety and comfort for both you and your passenger.

Defensive Riding: Riding in Different Conditions

In this lesson, you will learn strategies for riding in different environmental and road conditions, including adverse weather (rain, fog, snow, extreme temperatures), night riding, heavy traffic, urban areas, and rural or remote areas. You will also discover how to make informed decisions to enhance your safety.

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