Basic Instrumentation

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Program Duration: 6 Hrs

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Temperature, pressure, level, and flow instruments are integral to process control, ensuring optimal operation and safety. Our program delves into the terminology and characteristics of these vital parameters, covering various measurement methods and devices. From pressure gauges to flow meters, explore the principles behind their operation and the importance of accurate measurement. Gain insights into final control elements like control valves and analyzers, including the function and principles of Gas Chromatography Analyzers.

Course List

Introduction to Instrumentation

Explore the significance of temperature, pressure, level, and flow instruments, understanding their crucial roles in monitoring and controlling industrial processes.

Parameters to Control

Understand the terminology associated with process parameters, including their representation in piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), in this comprehensive introductory course.

Characteristics of Measurements

Learn about measurement characteristics, encompassing accuracy, precision, errors, range, span, device components, pressure gauge features, and display functions, in this introductory course.

Pressure Measurements

Explore pressure fundamentals, including atmospheric pressure, and positive and negative pressure, along with measurement techniques using DP cells.

Pressure and Vacuum Gauges

Gain a foundational understanding of pressure, its measurement techniques, and pressure-measuring devices, including vacuum gauges like spiral, bourdon, and bellows gauges, as well as pressure transmitters and switches.

Pressure Measuring Devices

Discover various pressure-measuring devices and understand their principles and applications in this concise introductory course.

Level Measurement

Explore terminology related to level measurement, encompassing key concepts such as measurement methods, devices, and units.

Temperature Measurement

Delve into the necessity of temperature measurement, covering units, types, and applications of temperature measuring devices.

Flow Measurement – Part I

Explore terminology related to flow measurement, covering key concepts such as flow rate, velocity, volumetric flow, mass flow, and flow measuring devices.

Flow Measurement – Part II

Discover various types of flow measuring devices and understand the measurement process involved using these devices.

Speed Measurement

Gain insight into the working principles of magnetic speed measuring devices, understanding their operation based on magnetic field interactions and sensing techniques.

Vibration Measurement

Discover vibration and its related concepts, including measurement units, analysis techniques, and types of measuring devices like eddy current sensors, accelerometers, and vibration switches.

Final Control Element

Learn about final control elements and their function, exploring various types of control valves in this introductory course on process control.


Delve into actuators and their related terms, including motor, pneumatic, and hydraulic operated actuators as well as fail-safe positions.

Analyzers - Overview

Explore common types of analyzers and their working principles, focusing on gas chromatography analyzers, and understand the purpose of an analyzer house in this introductory course.

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